Beccah: Look #1

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For better or for worse, 2016 is the year that goes digital.  Financially, shooting film just is not producing the return I wish it did.  So, with the wife's help, I've finally got a full-frame digital camera in my hands to comfortable shoot digital (but still also shoot a little bit of film).  I've also gotten a leica adapter and Nikon adapter so I can continue to use the film camera lenses I like and already own.  Big help.

This past Monday, we started what hopefully will be a regular routine of mini photoshoots at the salon with the wife's talented friends.  My wife is a huge Jane Austen fan and having just watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, we had a specific styling in mind.  Here's Beccah!

Pretty neat.  I could get use to not shooting as much film, I suppose.

For this look Kristine did the make-up and Florence did the Hair and styling.

Insert Zombies here.

Stay tuned for Beccah's second look from this night....


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I was photoshopping before I got psycho about photography.  And over the years I've carved out a good work flow between photoshop and photography (I thought).  More recently, fellow photographers have tried to get me onboard with Lightroom.  That was a couple years ago, and I have yet been able to catch on.  More recently, I've been more mobile with my editing work (couch-surfing and cafe-crawling) and have increasingly been feeling like the photography/photoshop is a little more cumbersome than I like while on the move.  I'm definitely yearning for more (more shooting time/less editing time).

Enter VSCO.  I'm a fan of VSCO for my mobile phone camera shots.  And VSCO's Film 00 series for Lr is a good time for me to give it a second chance, with photos taken with my DSLR.

Here's a shoot with new friend, Christie.  I shot mostly film for the day, but took some digital shots and rendered them through VSCO Film + Lr for kicks.

Here's one mimicking Kodak Tri-X - one of my favorite films.  I think it looks pretty good.

Here's one that's supposed to be Kodak 100.  Basic.  Good thing Christie looks great.  Would love to see the Portra versions of VSCO, but you have to pay for that VSCO Film Package.  (HOOK IT UP, VSCO!)  Will have to play around more of the individual developer functions to get the right film look, in the meantime.

I'll post a few more examples here in the next couple days.

Also, be sure to check-out the website in a couple weeks for the ACTUAL film shots from this photoshoot.

Hair/MU: Florence Pacho (Pikku Salon)
Jacket: Score Footwear
Jeans: Luxury Death Machine
Shoes: Martin Margiela
Model: Christie


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hi all!  i'm having my first show on september 20th!  i'll be sharing the gallery space with my muse and wife; she will be showing her new paintings.  rumor has it, that there will be gummy worms.

September 20th, 6pm

the glashaus
1815 main street
san diego, ca 92113

(now, how do i post an image of the flier???)


thanks again...

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...I was recently fortunate to assist on a shoot of Khoa Bui's.  It was so great to help and witness a bunch of professional but friendly folks.  Twelve hours of sweating and hanging-out with strangers working toward a common goal.  Big thanks to Jeff McNolte and Khoa Bui.  Please check-out their awesome work.  And, of course, thanks to the models and the crew behind-the-scenes.

FYF 2013

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Well, that was a blast.  My shoes are dusty, my back is sore, and my ears are ringing.  GIFL is re-hydrating on a cucumber-lime quencher after two days of music and style-shooting in Los Angeles.  I was a little bummed that I couldn't take my medium-format camera, that I usually use for my street style shots, into the festival.  So most of the photos you will see from the series will come from the Contax T3.  



Super-sincere thanks to all of the folks who took the time to stop, chat and have their photo taken by me.  My camera was in heaven: so many stylish and beautiful people...everywhere...running into you.  Not enough film to catch it all.  Can't wait to share!

But it'll take a while yet, until these FYF shots come out.  Upcoming series, in order: 

1. Fourth of July in Seattle
2. Comic-Con 2013
3. BTS with Fashion Photographer Khoa Bui
4. FYF 2013

Still quite a bit backed-up.  Shot tons for each of these series and can easily envision some of these as a photo book or photo zine.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  :D :D :D