Born in San Diego, California.  Military brat.  Raised in Japan, Guam and the Philippines. Finished university in Santa Cruz, California.  Psychology of the Arts and the Psychology of Creativity.  San Francisco Clinical Psychology Ph.D drop-out.  

True Taurus, but no bull guy.   Patient, reliable, persistent and determined.  Enjoys physical beauty, materialistic and possessive.  Former G.I.Joe collector, former guitar pedal collector, and now, film camera collector.

Love shooting anything and everything.  Introverted but eager to meet new people.  I have been carrying a camera with me everyday and shooting strangers on the streets for 3 years now. My camera is a wrecking-ball around my neck, swinging toward the butterflies in my stomach.  I love taking photos of people.  There's usually at least one thing you can find interesting in a person. Most of the time you won't know what it is until you talk to them.  Find out what that interesting thing is, appreciate its beauty, then shoot.  

Member of the Leica Club of San Diego.

Working on first group show.  Looking for more shows and more opportunities to shoot.