FYF 2013

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Well, that was a blast.  My shoes are dusty, my back is sore, and my ears are ringing.  GIFL is re-hydrating on a cucumber-lime quencher after two days of music and style-shooting in Los Angeles.  I was a little bummed that I couldn't take my medium-format camera, that I usually use for my street style shots, into the festival.  So most of the photos you will see from the series will come from the Contax T3.  



Super-sincere thanks to all of the folks who took the time to stop, chat and have their photo taken by me.  My camera was in heaven: so many stylish and beautiful people...everywhere...running into you.  Not enough film to catch it all.  Can't wait to share!

But it'll take a while yet, until these FYF shots come out.  Upcoming series, in order: 

1. Fourth of July in Seattle
2. Comic-Con 2013
3. BTS with Fashion Photographer Khoa Bui
4. FYF 2013

Still quite a bit backed-up.  Shot tons for each of these series and can easily envision some of these as a photo book or photo zine.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  :D :D :D