Beccah: Look #1

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For better or for worse, 2016 is the year that goes digital.  Financially, shooting film just is not producing the return I wish it did.  So, with the wife's help, I've finally got a full-frame digital camera in my hands to comfortable shoot digital (but still also shoot a little bit of film).  I've also gotten a leica adapter and Nikon adapter so I can continue to use the film camera lenses I like and already own.  Big help.

This past Monday, we started what hopefully will be a regular routine of mini photoshoots at the salon with the wife's talented friends.  My wife is a huge Jane Austen fan and having just watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, we had a specific styling in mind.  Here's Beccah!

Pretty neat.  I could get use to not shooting as much film, I suppose.

For this look Kristine did the make-up and Florence did the Hair and styling.

Insert Zombies here.

Stay tuned for Beccah's second look from this night....